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In the modern world websites are often the first point of contact that prospective clients have with your company. The first impression people will have of your company often is through your website. What level of quality do you want to project to your potential clients? Having a website that is designed so that not only it is easily navigated by potential clients but by the search engines can easily read it in imperative to any online presence. We have some of the best developers in the world that can assist in making the ideas you have for your website into a reality.

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee* with every site we build.

If we accept your project we will provide you a free** mock up (design layout).

Normal websites

Normal websites consist of things like contact forms information about your company and pages about products and/or services you offer. Our process for developing these sites starts with understanding the message you want your potential clients to know and what services you want to offer through your site. Is your business unique? Why should people do business with you? What products and/or services do you offer.

Website Redesign

Is your website no longer up to date? Are you competitor sites better then yours? Is your site not portraying the message you want to portray to your potential clients? We can help. There are many factors to take into account when you redesign your site. Is your current site heavily used? Do you want to keep the same feel but make it more modern or do you want a complete redesign? Was your original site built with SEO in mind or did you just hire someone for basic development? Because there are so many factors are involved in redesigning a site we would love the opportunity to speak with you for free about your current site and what you want to do with it. We will run a full analysis on your current for free and help you determine what needs to be done to bring you up to date.

E-Commerce Sites

No matter if you have a only a few products or if you have thousands having your website built from a SEO prospective will help the search engines view your products and index them more often and higher up. When building a e-commerce site it is common for developers to take shortcuts that make it easier for them to build the site quickly but much harder for the search engines to view it. This will cause your products not to be listed properly in search results and sometimes not at all. There are no shortcuts in building a quality e-commerce site. Each product should have its own page and the URLs should represent the product and not be just a bunch of jibberish. You also want to make sure that the content on each item is mostly unique making it so the search engines perceive your item page as special and relevant to the search terms for each and every item. If you build your e-commerce site the right way from the start then you will see an explosion of growth instead of quickly stalling. E-commerce websites are made with the sole purpose of selling products and that’s what we do best converting from visitors to clients.

Major Site Development

If you have a website that will require more than 500 pages or more than 1000 products you will need to get a unique analysis done for you site. We provide these quotes at no cost to you. Please contact us so we can discuss your site development.

Factors that website development helps:
  • Keeping potential clients on your site (also known as Bounce Rates)
  • Converting visitors to clients
  • Search Engine Visibility (making it clear to the search engines what is on your website)
  • Increase SEO visitors
  • Portraying quality to potential clients
  • Showing the search engines your site is unique but also relevant to peoples search terms

*We guarantee that we will make any and all changes to your specification until you are 100% satisfied.

** The mock up is free, however the rights to the design remain the property of Advertising Consultation Group, LLC until site is purchased by client.

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