Website Content Generation

Having the right content generated for the right purpose is imperative. Whatever you do; DO NOT COPY CONTENT FROM OTHER SITES! Copying content will usually result in your pages being penalized by the search engines for having duplicate content. What every site needs to have generated, is quality and original content. It’s almost always better to generate your own content then hiring someone to do if for you.

However, if you do not have the time, are not confident in your writing skills or for any other reason. Having content generated for unique industries properly takes research time. We offer all levels of content generation.
  • Proof read your own content
  • High Quality & proof Read by 2nd party (includes research of subject matter)
  • High Quality 1 Party Writing (includes research of subject matter)
  • Average quality basic knowledge of subject & proof read by 2nd party
  • Average quality basic knowledge of subject
  • Low quality for SEO purposes (native English speaker)
  • Low quality for SEO purposes (English as a 2nd language)

Blogs/Articles/Press Releases/News

We offer the same writing services for blogs, articles, news and press releases. We will make a recommendation based on your needs.

We also offer blogs, news and articles on a monthly basis to help keep your site content as being viewed as fresh and up to date by customers and the search engines.

Note: We do include some articles with SEO packa¬ges.

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