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Our family has been in the advertising and marketing field since the late 1970’s and without a doubt the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the proper use of SEO is the single most important marketing term we have seen so far. Search Engine Optimization when done correctly can make you scream for joy and when done wrong can make you scream in agony. The basis of SEO is simple. You make your site appear more relevant to the search engines for the keywords you want people to be able to find you for then your competitors. This is accomplished through thousands of factors. Among those factors the importance varies from search engine to search engine, site to site and keywords to keywords.

Companies that are properly pioneering the SEO world right now will be the dominant businesses for the generation in their industries. This is simply because SEO when done right actually builds equity in the domain. All the future competitors will have to try and catch up and will never be able too if circumstances remain the same. A 5 year old domain that has had SEO done properly will not lose ranking to a new site if they have the same targeted that keywords.

We offer all our clients:

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Ranking Reports

Special program for you to view reporting daily

Monthly Link Building Reports

Offsite SEO

(things done on other websites to benefit yours):

The most important factor for Google is incoming links. Since Google accounts for the VAST majority of searches performed on the internet we target Google primarily but we do not neglect the other search engines either.

The simple way of explaining Google and SEO is it’s a popularity contest. The more sites that like (link) to your site and the more popular the sites are that link to your site the more popular your site becomes to Google. That’s where we come in; simply put we build a lot of links. This accounts for about 60% of all the SEO we do, we go around the internet and ask other websites “hey we are cool, please like us”. Sounds easy right? It’s not. Google employs some of the most brilliant minds in the world to make their algorithm. The actual algorithm itself first of all is the biggest secret Google has, so anyone that tells you they know it is a dirty liar. Secondly even if this algorithm was public interpreting it would only be possible for probably less than .0001% (that’s a guess) of the population. What this means to us is that no one can guarantee anything when it comes to SEO because we don’t control it Google does.

So since we don’t know what Google is really thinking what do we do? We use educated guesses. We stay on top of all the links to determine what links we want for each of our clients. We build as many links as we can and we build it in a naturally appearing format. Every single one of our clients has a minimum of 60 hours of skilled labor a month going into link building. Skilled means experts that do only SEO on a day to day basis and not just anyone with a computer.

Onsite SEO

(thing done on your website to appear better to search engines):

We will run an analysis for every new client to show what can be improved on their site. There are many factors to take into account including keyword density, meta tags (page titles, keywords and etc), use of header tags, alt tags and more. Our free analysis report will be extensive and include all these factors and more. If you had your page designed by us this is not something you need to worry about. If your page was designed elsewhere then it will be imperative that we ensure all aspect of your site cater to the search engines to help with optimization.


Finding the correct keywords for you is not a science. Doing the proper research and determining where to start is no easy task. Everyone’s brain works differently, and determining the right keywords you have to see what other people are searching for and not just what you would. We want to ensure that when we first choose keywords that they are keywords that get a good amount of monthly traffic and that we will be able to achieve a position in the search engine that gets traffic. On top of that we want converting traffic (traffic that becomes clients or sales). This means you would not start with keywords like “Used Car” we do research to ensure that we select the best keywords for you. If you were a dealership in Los Angeles one of your first keywords might be “Used Cars Los Angeles” instead of “Used Cars”. Used cars does get over 6 million global searches, but the amount of time and effort that it would take to get ranked high would be astronomical. Whereas “Los Angeles Used Cars” gets only 8,100 searches but is way more easily obtainable. You want to choose keywords that you can achieve page 1 rankings within a reasonable amount of time.

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