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Acquiring the right domain can make a huge difference. Typically businesses buy domains as their business name. However from a SEO prospective unless your business name contains the keywords you want to appear for and your domain is very old it will not help. We can help you find the right domain to launch your web presence or help transfer your current domain to a newer better one.

Why it matters:

If you were a “used car” business and your business name was “Mikes Cars” it would be much better to have the domain “” instead of “”. This is simply because your site will appear higher in ranking just because your domain is the term that is searched for. Domain names can be vital and help achieve faster ranking improvements.

Domain Age:

Typically the older a domain is the more reliable it will appear to the search engines. This is why it is important to not just purchase a new domain but to find one that has age. The older the better.

Previous Content:

If a site has had previous content that relevant to your line of business this will help also.

Blacklisted and Penalized Sites:

It is very important that you do not purchase blacklisted or penalized sites. Simply put buying a blacklisted or penalized site is like buying a lemon. If you buy a site that is penalized it can take years to reverse the blacklisting. It takes a real expert to be able to determine if a site has been blacklisted or penalized. There is no list of sites that have been blacklisted or penalized so no one can guarantee that a site is good unless it is already listed in the search engine.

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