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It is common in my experience to see people new to SEO wanting to check their rankings every day. I can’t tell you how many time people call our offices and ask why their rankings have improved or declined on a day to day basis. It is important to realize a few things about rankings. First of all our goal for rankings is either to improve or sustain rankings on a monthly basis. The concept of organic rankings itself and the premise for success of Google is that they are always updating and changing results. If all the results stayed the same you would never have gotten anywhere. These variations most the time are temporary and huge swings in rankings occur while Google is trying to figure out where your site belongs. The algorithms that Google uses are confidential and only the people working for them know what they are. Not to mention you would need to be a rocket scientist to really figure them out. This means no one can guarantee rankings and the ones that do are not doing it because they know where your site will land but because if they do it for “X” amount of sites they know 80% will land in those parameters. More importantly then that is to realize that Google algorithm changes and when they major changes happen no one knows for sure where a site will land. What we do to help with all of this is to make sure we lay good groundwork for your site. Not relying too much on any one thing and showing your site as being a well-rounded and important site to the search engines. Having a professionally maintained SEO campaign can prevent sites from being position 1 one day and dropping to 100 the next. We know how important the business generated from websites can be and we do everything we can to ensure steady and improving rankings. So the next time you look at that ranking report realize SEO is a long term solution and not an overnight one. Also rankings are not always a direct result of how hard we are working on a site. Each set of keywords is different and every site is different. You should allow at least 6 months when you first start before you “worry” about rankings.

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